Thursday, December 1, 2011

R&B Update

R&B have now been home for longer than they were in Delhi.  It's hard to believe we have been home for two weeks tomorrow, but on the other hand, it feels like we were in Delhi ages ago.  Both babies continue to grow and amaze us.  I didn't realize that their growth would be visible on a daily basis, but we can both see it and feel it - especially with Brady! 

The past two days we have been working hard to extend the meal times from every two hours to every three hours.   Hopefully, this makes the nights a little shorter! 

Round two of our help came yesterday.  Grandma G. went home and Grandpa G. arrived just in time to spoil these two little ones!

R&B enjoying some Boppy time

Sleeping Brady (notice the new addition - double chin)

I may be bias, but darn she is cute! I can't get enough of her big eyes and endless stares.

The Khan Grandsons, Ben and Brady.

After 11 days of hand washing and sterilizing, I love my dishwasher more than I ever thought possible.  The new contents - ~20 bottles, bottle paraphernalia and coffee mugs!


Anu said...

They are really growing so fast and become more beautiful each day!

Doug Rigg said...

The close up shots are adorable. Welcome back home. And welcome back to your dishwasher! :-)

Anonymous said...

you are right Stacey, those eyes are beautiful!!!!

Aleksandra said...

We miss you! I am so glad you guys are home. They are getting so big and they are gorgeous.