Saturday, July 7, 2012

8 Months

No one told me babies grow up so fast!  Another month has flown by and our little ones are now officially on the move using their knees and feet.  Over the past month, they have both mastered the crawl and now do it faster than I ever thought was possible.  They love being on the floor exploring and playing with their toys.  They both pull themselves up on anything and everything with ease.   The very first time Brady pulled himself up on the end table he grabbed Lee's coffee cup and poured it all over.  Luckily, it was cold.  But, we learned quickly that our old ways needed to change....four little hands are always ready to attack.

R&B are fantastic eaters and will eat absolutely everything we give them.  We are, however, still mostly on fruits, vegetables and starches.  So far, they have continued to be on lactose free formula thickened with rice starch.  Both babies still spit up a lot and are taking meds for acid reflux.  I am anxious to take them off the meds, but they still clearly need them.  Hopefully in the next month or two we can start decreasing the amounts.  They are huge fans of their mesh teethers filled with frozen fruits.  I highly recommend these to anyone with teething babies. 

Brady has had a big month!  First, he mastered crawling.  Then he figured out how to pull himself up to a standing position.  And last weekend while we were in Atlanta, he got not one, but two new teeth.  We struggled with his middle of the night sleeping for pretty much the whole month, so boy were we happy to see the little teeth pop out.  Brady is one active little fella, moving around and getting into everything, but the one thing that he can't do is sit on his butt unsupported.  He sits on his knees unsupported just fine, but we can't get him to sit on his butt.  When we put him down on the floor he stiffens up and does everything he can to avoid his butt touching the floor. I am positive one day he will learn to sit.  Until then, he will just sit on his knees or stand.  We aren't sure why, but Brady also seems to think that standing means spreading your legs and making the widest stance he possibly can.  It's funny to see and I am sure won't last long once he sees Rooney roaming about with her shoulder-width apart legs.  Brady babbles a lot, but no sounds quite yet.  We continue to enjoy his big hugs and sweet open mouth kisses!

Showing off his push-ups

Can you see his new teeth?
Rooney continues to keep us very busy.  She is one animated child.  She talks all the time.  Dada, Momma, yaya, and baba are her favorite.  The funniest thing she does verbally is lets out a "roar" with a quick side tilt with the head.  We don't know where she learned it, but when she is happy or excited she roars!  She is always on her feet and now creeps along things and holds on with only one hand to support herself. Over the past couple of days, I have found her taking steps away from her support and trying to stand on her own.  She always falls, but I know its only a matter of time before she figures it out and then we are in real trouble! Last weekend, Rooney clearly fell in love.  Luckily, because we know her crush, his 20+ year age difference and his friendship with a good friend, her fascination makes us smile.  She found Suren across the room and was smitten with him instantly.  She reached out for him right away and then began her blushing, roaring and giggly responses to everything he said for the next two days.  The girl loves to be the center of attention.  We have not taken her anywhere she didn't eventually find herself right in the middle of all the action.  We may just have a party animal on our hands.  Grandpa Gallagher reminds us often that the party animal in her comes from her Great Grandma Rooney and Great Grandpa Rooney, who loved every party!

Did they just say our flight is delayed four hours?  Good thing, we have a club membership.

An apple with her apple dress

At Uncle Anand's party with Auntie Indra

We went to Atlanta and did our best to stay out of the Delhi-like weather (109 F one day) by trying out the hotel swimming pool.  Brady loved the splashing around and even putting his face in the water a few times.  Rooney liked splashing, but wasn't too upset to get out.

They are ready for a swim

Daddy and his two favorite little people

 A few more pics from our weekend away in Hotlanta....

Uncle Anand, Auntie Mari and the Khan Family

This, my friends, is how we stay at parties past our babies bedtimes

Checking out the fish at the Atlanta Aquarium

Our new definition of travelling light

Big Cousin Ben decided to join our 8 month pictures to show us he is now 2.