Wednesday, January 30, 2013

14+ Months...

I haven't forgotten this blog. I like posting pictures and updating our friends and family around the globe about R&B. But I must say, two 1 year olds is no joke! Especially when one is constant running, climbing, jumping, shaking and the other is as opinionated and talkative as a teenage girl.

Just after 13 months Rooney stabilized on her feet and walking became her main mode of transportation. Many warned us about the problems from both of them walking, but so far I actually think its easier than one walking and one still crawling. The less crawling, the less stuff in their mouth. Miss Rooney is all girl! She carries a baby doll, named Lexi Marie, around with her throughout the day and always sleeps snuggled into her. She often tells me no when I pick out her clothes and typically prefers to accessorize her outfits with one or two tutus. She is quick to scream out Momma whenever she wants anything and continues to prefer my undivided attention at all times. We are excited about her recent development...self soothing! It has been a long time coming, but since we carried her upright (due to her reflux) for the majority of her first 9 months of life the girl never learned to fall asleep or sleep without being held. We have a long way to go before we can put her in a crib and expect not to hear from her until the next morning, but at least we are seeing improvements.

Brady wakes up every morning running, running right towards the closest ball. He throws, kicks and carries a ball around all day long. It's shocking to see the strong gender differences at such a young age. His new activity recently has been climbing, climbing on he couch, coffee table, chairs, etc. I was shocked by how quickly he learned to move his toys or stack books to use as a step to anything too high to climb directly on. Luckily, Rooney has no interest in joining him on his elevated adventures.

Over the holidays, we travelled to visit my family in Wisconsin. They had a blast playing with their big cousins. Brady loved all the snow and outdoor activities and Rooney, well it looks like she is going to have more fun in Florida! R&B have been awesome travelers, so far...but the trip home was a bit much and left mom and dad a little scarred. Truthfully, a four hour car ride, a blowout diaper, a run through the airport and a three hour flight might have been just too much for two over tired 13 month olds! Never the less, we are putting them back on a plane tomorrow morning....

Our pool shark...

Ice fishing on the Mississippi with Grandpa and Dad

Loving life

Please take me somewhere warm...

Grandpa & Grandma with their grandbabies

Big Cousin Ben cousin had b/g twins 6 weeks before R&B were born

Uncle Tom...why is Zak Brown at Xmas?

We had to do it:)

She doesn't like attention

Hmmm, maybe we should have named him Rooney

Sledding, again she just wanted to go inside

Happy Boys

Not sure who had the most fun

What???  You can't walk on water like me? 
Yes, he is standing in the middle of the river.