Tuesday, October 8, 2013

23 Months....

We are quickly approaching 2, unbelievable!  R&B are a handful right now...I can only imagine what the terrible 2s have in store for us.  Their personalities are completely different!  Mr B continues to be all boy, climbing, running, kicking, you name an activity he does it.  Full speed ahead all day, everyday.   He loves his choo choo trains, airplanes, helicopters, Amy's bike, painting, drawing (lines, circles and triangles) and Lego's.  He has just figured out how to build trains and airplanes with his legos, let the Lego fun really begin around here now.  His vocabulary has really taken off and now can tell you where he lives and that he was born in Delhi, India!

Our Roo is full of personality and is one social little butterfly.  She loves singing, playing with her friends and is currently in love with peacocks, Amy's hat and Amy's bike!  Last week, we went to a wildlife reserve in Florida with dozens of peacocks walking around - she was in heaven!   Her love of peacocks came from her new favorite book Same, Same but Different .    My sister, Amy's bike is her one of her favorite things and she frequently facetimes with it.   Rooney loves to sing her HIG's (While she does sing her ABCs, she calls the song her HIGs and at the end says, Now I know my HIGs), Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and WooWoo.   We originally called the grandparents, grandma and grandpa, however Rooney has changed their names to GG, Grandpa Boo, Gram and Papa.  We think her new names are just perfect.  We love our talkative, singing little beauty!

She decided to throw the brush and just finger paint 

Ready for the playground
Grandma came to visit

Brady's first date with a "chick"

Brady trying to steal a bike at the park


Hanging out at a covered bridge in Vermont
Sisterly love on the Florida beaches