Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Social Butterflies

Big Cousin Ben
 We left R&B overnight for the very first time.  We enjoyed our night away and were relaxed knowing that Big Cousin Ben was babysitting with the help of Aunty Amy, Pupu and Uncle D.

Grandma & Grandpa with their grandkids
 We went to Wisconsin to introduce the babies to my side of the family and many friends.  I love the above picture.  The happiest grandparents around and five grandkids that are expressing their annoyance with the posed pic.

R&B meeting my favorite nurse.  B is a pediatric nurse that took care of me both times I had chemo.  She drove to PDC just to see my little munchkins.

 Rooney meeting Cousin J for the first time. 

 Did someone say boat ride??  Rooney doesn't just ride, she drives the boat!

 Hello Mississippi River!  We are in trouble with this little busy body!!

It's OK Brady, I have this all under control.

Brady just hold on to me and it will all be OK

Grandpa and his only granddaughter

Grandpa has his hands full!  Please excuse the windblown hair.

Nothing better than Cousin Love

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Half Birthday R&B

Happy 6 month birthday!!!

Six months ago today our little ones made their much anticipated arrival!  The last six months have been truly amazing...everyday is an adventure with R&B.

Rooney's personality continues to develop and keep us on our toes.  She is full of energy and seems to have an opinion about most things.  She is the most particular baby I have ever met.  We now find her up on all fours rocking back and forth trying to get to things, but she hasn't quite figured out how to move forward any way except to take a leap and fall on her face.  She gets back up and does it over and over again, despite me trying to convince her otherwise.   She is most definitely full of fun and I can only imagine the trouble she will convince her brother to get into in the future.   Lee and I are completely smitten by her and she knows exactly how to work us already!

Brady continues to be our cautious, happy, wise guy.  Over the past month, he has picked up a new past time - flirting!  He smiles at anyone and everyone and loves being the center of attention!   The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as he clearly gets his skills from his father.  He has finally realized that playing should be done during the daylight hours.  He still wakes for a bottle once during the night, but at least he goes right back to sleep after it.  Lee also discovered that our once early riser can be easily convinced to go back to sleep, if he is cuddled up next to his daddy in bed.  Brady seems to be a little behind Rooney in hitting milestones, but he doesn't just accomplish things, rather he masters them. 

Over the past month both babies have started eating solids, so far we have tried oatmeal, rice, barley, carrots, peas, parsnips, sweet potatoes and avocado.  Brady was the first to start solids and really took to the cereal. But once we introduced veggies he was no longer a fan of food and stopped eating solids all together.  One day I put both babies in their bumbos and began feeding Rooney and wouldn't you know it, Brady ate like a champ. He always makes a bad face when he tries new foods...and has even choked, puked and cried due to the taste, but we now know he will eat anything as long as Rooney is eating next to him. It's clear that he eats the food only to make sure that Rooney doesn't get it. He often reaches for the spoon when its heading towards her mouth instead of his. Brady is the messiest eater I have ever seen.   He keeps his hands in his mouth when he eats and then typically wipes them full of food all over his face, hair and body. Thus far, parsnips seem to be his favorite food. 

Rooney loves every bit of food we've put near her mouth and usually makes a sound similar to the word YUM with every bite. She is such a neat eater we could probably feed her without a bib.  

Now on to the fun part of the post...

This is both babies go to move to tell us they are tired or scared. 

Our big girl

I love watching them play together

Just chillin' in the grass

The Jumperoo - Brady's new favorite toy

I walked into the room and found this...love it!

The family in front of the White House

Rooney getting ready to crawl

Brady loving hanging out with Courtney, Bryan and his soon to arrive buddy, Baby D.