Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Social Butterflies

Big Cousin Ben
 We left R&B overnight for the very first time.  We enjoyed our night away and were relaxed knowing that Big Cousin Ben was babysitting with the help of Aunty Amy, Pupu and Uncle D.

Grandma & Grandpa with their grandkids
 We went to Wisconsin to introduce the babies to my side of the family and many friends.  I love the above picture.  The happiest grandparents around and five grandkids that are expressing their annoyance with the posed pic.

R&B meeting my favorite nurse.  B is a pediatric nurse that took care of me both times I had chemo.  She drove to PDC just to see my little munchkins.

 Rooney meeting Cousin J for the first time. 

 Did someone say boat ride??  Rooney doesn't just ride, she drives the boat!

 Hello Mississippi River!  We are in trouble with this little busy body!!

It's OK Brady, I have this all under control.

Brady just hold on to me and it will all be OK

Grandpa and his only granddaughter

Grandpa has his hands full!  Please excuse the windblown hair.

Nothing better than Cousin Love


Doug and Bill said...

Wonderful family photos! :-)

A Passage to Baby said...

What wonderful pics!!! Love the smiles all around.

Marisa said...

They have already started their traveling experiences. Love it. Awesome pics.

Aaron and Eddy said...

So good to see Brady & Rooney growing up and looking absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing!