Wednesday, September 28, 2011

32 Weeks

We are now into our 32nd week of pregnancy.    There have been no new updates from Delhi regarding the babies, so we take that to mean everything is progressing as it should.  According to Dr. Google hitting 32 weeks is a big milestone and while we want them to continue baking for a few more weeks their prognosis at this point should be very good.

I have officially started my maternity leave!!   The “to do” list is getting much smaller and the excitement is starting to build around here.  We now sleep next to a crib!  Waking up every morning to see the crib brings a smile to my face.  I can’t wait for the crib to have two little occupantsJ 

On Friday, my cousin had twins!  An adorable boy and girl, we are so excited for the two sets of twins to meet each other!   Congratulations L, E and J!!  Our twins are joining a family full of twins!  My family has four sets and Lee’s has at least three sets.   

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

31 Weeks

We received another scan on Friday and the babies packed on a pound in five days between them.  The little porkers tipped the scales at just over a whopping six pounds combined!  At this point in the pregnancy they should be picking up about a half a pound every week, so we're psyched that they're bulking up a little faster than expected. I think maybe they're trying to keep pace with their dad ;)

As normally happens around this point, on Saturday our sisters threw us a fabulous shower in a park!  Keeping with our history, the weather turned a little Londonesque, but the showers held off and we had a great time with our wonderful family and friends, and enjoyed some fantastic Indian food. As if our family history doesn't have enough of an international twist, leave it to us to have our baby shower lunch get coordinated by two people in Burma, one in Connecticut, with a caterer in Yonkers for a party in Battery Park City in the shadows of the Freedom Tower.
As a good friend told us to expect not long ago, everyone has been so extremely generous.  Our apartment now looks like a Babies R Us exploded and everything ended up in our living room, both bedrooms, a couple closets, the storage unit, and there might even be stuff in neighbors' apartments. It’s been like Christmas everyday with more and more boxes showing up - the mailman must be getting tired of coming to our building of 11 apartments, where there have been 8 new babies here in the last year, not counting TO and TT, and 1 wedding.
 I expected this part of the pregnancy to be filled with anxiety, but surprisingly we are both fairly calm - or we might just be nuts. But we came to the realization awhile ago that this happening regardless of what we do at this point, so there's no point in making ourselves even crazier than usual. So since we have almost everything we plan to take to India, we figure we might as well just enjoy the ride and start prepping for the trip. Let the packing begin!!
 I keep looking at airline fares everyday and am glad to see they’re not really changing much, which is great since we could be making a VERY last minute purchase at any moment (hopefully not). But I think it's probably time to pull the trigger and just get tix for the dates we've been planning (right around aunt Bana's bday) and keep our fingers crossed that TO and TT stick to their Caribbean roots and not show up early! In the meantime, we're happy to have a bit of downtime with school, some fun summer travels, and the big party behind us and we can focus on putting the finishing touches on the nursery and finish turning our apartment into our babies' home.
Pictures from the Shower

Uncle D and Cousin Ben's opinion of the shower - two thumbs up!

A few of the shower attendees.

A lovely onesie made at the shower - "My parents went to India and all I got was this stupid onesie"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30 Weeks

We are in the 30s and are very happy to be here.  Over the weekend TO and TT decided to cause some trouble and scare us all a bit.  Our surrogate, Mrs. R, was admitted to the hospital on Friday with abdominal pains and by Saturday she started having mild contractions.  She was given some medication to stop the contractions and today we received an email letting us know Mrs. R was discharged.  We are excited to meet our babies, however not until at least October!   The ultrasound that was done on Saturday showed TO topping the scales at 2 lbs, 13 oz and TT weighing in closer to 2 1/2 lbs.   It is clear to me from the below pictures that they are definitely getting smarter by the day.

Today, I received the cutest little hats for TO and TT...I can't wait for these to keep them warm this winter -

Thing 1 and Thing 2
You ask, "Who is that?"
They're a Seussical pair
From the Cat in the Hat

They come out of a box,
Thing 1 and Thing 2.
They do not say much,
Just "How do you do?"

They make mischief & mayhem
with "bumps, jumps, and kicks"
They like to fly kites
and do lots of bad tricks.

They destroy the whole house
while running about
as the fish in the dish yells
"You must get them out!"

Till at last, mom is seen
at the end of the day.
And the Cat packs them up
and takes them away.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


means we are going to Delhi next month!  OMG, how did this happen?  It feels like yesterday we were anxiously awaiting the 12 week mark.  This spring every time I made plans for our summer events I would quickly calculate which week in the pregnancy we would be at…my brother’s wedding (17 weeks), Mer’s wedding (18 weeks), our wedding BBQ (20 weeks) etc.   Each time the event went on the calendar I remember thinking it felt so far away and that this pregnancy was going to take FOREVER.   But somehow there are only two more “events” on my calendar before we are Delhi-bound.   One is a baby shower my sister and sister-in-law are throwing for us and the other is a girls weekend. 

What this really means, is we need to get our butts moving and finish all of our baby preparations!   We really haven’t done too much baby prepping this past month besides deciding on four names (2 boys, 2 girls).  September is filled with lots of fun baby things, including a baby CPR class (which we hope will be a waste of time because we never have to use the information), our first pediatrician appointment, putting together a new crib and the beginning stages of packing for the little ones.  

We made a big step today and confirmed our housing in Delhi!   We will be staying in a one bedroom apartment walking distance from M-block, which will be convenient for food, water and baby items.  M-block is a large, upscale market that is filled with shops and restaurants.  In the states we would call it an outdoor mall. 

According to the poll on the right-hand side of this blog it appears that almost everyone has decided we are having a boy and a girl.  While a boy and a girl would be great, we are just hoping for two healthy babies without horns (sorry Lee, I couldn't resist the horn joke)!  We feel so lucky to have been blessed with 28+ weeks of an uneventful pregnancy, let’s hope the next 6+ weeks are the same!  The anticipation of our return trip to Delhi is definitely building, we can’t wait to see our surrogate, Mrs. R, still pregnant.    

We are expecting another scan of TO and TT in two weeks.