Thursday, September 1, 2011


means we are going to Delhi next month!  OMG, how did this happen?  It feels like yesterday we were anxiously awaiting the 12 week mark.  This spring every time I made plans for our summer events I would quickly calculate which week in the pregnancy we would be at…my brother’s wedding (17 weeks), Mer’s wedding (18 weeks), our wedding BBQ (20 weeks) etc.   Each time the event went on the calendar I remember thinking it felt so far away and that this pregnancy was going to take FOREVER.   But somehow there are only two more “events” on my calendar before we are Delhi-bound.   One is a baby shower my sister and sister-in-law are throwing for us and the other is a girls weekend. 

What this really means, is we need to get our butts moving and finish all of our baby preparations!   We really haven’t done too much baby prepping this past month besides deciding on four names (2 boys, 2 girls).  September is filled with lots of fun baby things, including a baby CPR class (which we hope will be a waste of time because we never have to use the information), our first pediatrician appointment, putting together a new crib and the beginning stages of packing for the little ones.  

We made a big step today and confirmed our housing in Delhi!   We will be staying in a one bedroom apartment walking distance from M-block, which will be convenient for food, water and baby items.  M-block is a large, upscale market that is filled with shops and restaurants.  In the states we would call it an outdoor mall. 

According to the poll on the right-hand side of this blog it appears that almost everyone has decided we are having a boy and a girl.  While a boy and a girl would be great, we are just hoping for two healthy babies without horns (sorry Lee, I couldn't resist the horn joke)!  We feel so lucky to have been blessed with 28+ weeks of an uneventful pregnancy, let’s hope the next 6+ weeks are the same!  The anticipation of our return trip to Delhi is definitely building, we can’t wait to see our surrogate, Mrs. R, still pregnant.    

We are expecting another scan of TO and TT in two weeks.


Kerrie and Mark said...

Where did the time go? M Block is so great - they have everything you need from food to wipes and diapers, clothes and formula. Get packing and enjoy these last few weeks!

Aleksandra said...

So exciting! We are planning to arrive in Delhi on Nov 1 if babies stay put. Maybe we can all meet up. Here is to another 6 weeks of uneventful for you!!!

B and SJ said...

How exciting! Getting close now..all the best with your preparations. Look forward to following your news. SJ & Bxx