Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - What a Year!

Tonight we bid 2011 a fond farewell, a year filled with many life altering and unbelievable events. This was definitely a year we will never forget, highlighted by Brady & Rooney's arrival, our wedding and the seven weeks we spent in India!  A quick summary of a year that was NEVER boring.

January - I married the love of my life and a new Khan Family was "officially" created (after a short nine year courtship)!

February - was all about recovering from the wedding and planning the details of our trip to India - the honeymoon and SCI part of the trip!  Lee also closed a pretty big deal, so we upgraded some of our honeymoon hotels (behind us is the Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur from the James Bond movie "Octopussy").

The Honeymoon

March - was life changing with the following message from SCI -

"We are very happy to inform you that the value is 221.2 and we would like to congratulate you as R is now pregnant."

April - We received news that we had strong healthy heartbeats growing in Delhi!  I also started to learn the meaning of patience (it took a lot of reminders from Lee), as October seemed so far away.

May - This was probably our quietest month of the year.  We kept ourselves busy with work and school.  At the end of May, we started to share the news and the below photo  with family and close friends!  TO, now known as Brady, was already showing signs of being the "big" brother, taking up most of the room in Mrs. R's belly and pushing Rooney off to the side).

June - Weddings, weddings, weddings...we had a great month attending my brother Tom's wedding and one of my best friends Meredith's wedding! We got a sneak peek at life with multiples by taking care of Tom's three boys - Jack, Max and Sam - the weekend of their parents' wedding...Lee might still not be over that exprience.

July - We celebrated our wedding in my hometown with many family and friends who couldn't make it to Florida for the big day in January.  

August - I made a mad dash to the end of my MBA - the month flew by as I finished a semester's worth of classes in five weeks while working full-time.  Luckily, we were able to fit in a quick trip back to my hometown for my little cousin Colleen's weddding.  It was a gorgeous evening with great family and wonderful food!

September - MBA completed!  I attended my last class during the first week of September and then we had a quick babymoon/graduation celebration trip to Montreal!  While there, the babies got us worrying, as R was in the hospital having contractions at only 30 weeks, but it all worked out for everyone involved. 

At the end of the month, our sisters threw us a wonderful baby shower!  Our family and friends generosity was so appreciated, as we gathered all the 'must haves' for TO&TT.

October - The wait was almost over, or so we thought, we had a celebratory drink before boarding our flight to Delhi.

November - The month our dreams came true!  Welcome to the world Brady and Rooney!!!

December - We spent the month loving on our little ones, watching them grow and enjoying life as a family of four!  Cousin Ben also seems to like the new additions. Thankfully, Lee's hair grew back to normal (don't know what he was thinking pretty much shaving it before we headed to Delhi).

2012 will no doubt be eventful, as we raise our adorable little babies!  We wish you all a wonderful, healthy and successful New Year!  Thank you all for your love and support through 2011. We are looking forward to helping many of you celebrate the arrivals of your long awaited bundles of joy, a couple more weddings, and generally good times with wonderful friends and family.


Anu said...

Happy New Year to you aswell! Warm greetings from Mumbai and very, very best of luck, lot's of happiness with your two little adorable Khans :)

Kerrie and Mark said...

What a great year you had!! 2012 highlights will be equally as exciting! Happy New Year!

Bana said...

AWESOME post!!! Happy New Year to The 4 Khans!!!
The 3 Carrolls

Aleksandra said...

Happy New Year to you all

Doug and Bill said...

that was a nice post. congratulations on a year full of amazing accomplishments and two bundles of joy. here's to another wonderful year!

Amani (Meg) said...

Wow, what a year, I feel exhausted just reading about it! Happy 2012, I'm looking forward to attaching your little dolls grow bigger!!

Avey and Dr Vinay Bhatia said...

What an incredible year. Wishing you all the best for 2012.

Marisa said...

Definitely a busy year. God bless your beautiful family. I look froward to meeting them.