Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Month

Rooney and Brady are a month old today!  How is it possible to feel like you have known two little people forever, yet holding them for the first time feels like just yesterday?

The last month has been truly amazing.  We’ve enjoyed the babies more than we ever thought possible.   “Operation Get Out of India” feels like ages ago.  Both babies continue to be masters of the eat, cuddle, sleep and poop routine. This past week they’ve added two new talents – belching and farting like old men – Lee is very proud!  I never knew something so loud and stinky could come out of such cute little bodies.

But what a difference a month makes.  A big night out on the town used to end after 3:00 AM, now 10:00 comes around and we still can’t see straight but it’s not from the drinkin. Talking about how many bottles we went through also has a newmeaning – some of you might remember that dinner at our place a couple years ago when we had 20+ bottles of wine, a couple cases of beer and some mixed drinks – now, how many bottles we went through refers to Enfamil. All joking aside, we couldn't be more happy with the changes in our lives!  We love you Rooney and Brady!!

Our thinker - Brady


Happy Boy!


Possibilities..... said...

I love reading about your new family! I am so happy for you!

Doug and Bill said...

The photo of Rooney is so cute...and Brady is definitely it. Oh, and the bottle of Enfamil versus wine...hmmm...I'm starting to get the picture. :-)

Anu said...

They are so perfect! I'm very, very happy for you!

Saskia said...

One Month already! time has flown! - love the photos... little miracles.

Aunt Bana said...

All the milestones they've accomplished since I saw them 2 weeks ago - amazing!!! Happy belated 1 month birthday to Brady and Rooney. We love you!!!

Marisa said...

Brady looks like he is in serious thought in that 1st picture. Babies certainly bring lots of changes to your life but they are definitely good ones. Love the pictures. They are priceless. Keep them coming:)

Kerrie and Mark said...

They are just too cute for words!! Life is good!