Thursday, March 7, 2013

16 Months

I hoped that a few of their favorite toys would keep them still
Like everything else these days, it didn't last too long

Trying to get away

She loves her 'baw' and baby

Ready to play in the snow

He dressed himself...

The higher he can climb the happier he is

Taking a break at the park

This is not posed.  They are really affectionate with each other right now.

Big girl in daddy's had

Playing with his favorite things in his tunnel

The climbing never took two chairs to get to the top of this cabinet

Pretty common scene here, he eats her food and usually she eats his


Jeni said...

The life of twins is so fascinating to me. I always enjoy all of the pictures of your kiddos as they grow up. It's really neat to see them growing up. :)

Douglas said...

Oh my, we've got a climber too! I think we're in BIG trouble!!