Friday, September 7, 2012

10 Months

Happy 10 Months!

We like beef...
Fun with numbers
Rooney enjoying her new puzzle and Brady reading his favorite book
Grandma came to visit
Fast, fast, fast, that is how R&B are moving.  Are they walking?  Well, that depends on your definition.  Brady is walking by some definitions, but not ours.  Lee needs two steps and I need a few more.  He has 1.5 steps mastered.  Either way, he gets where he needs to go either cruising, crawling on his knees or walking like a four legged creature.  Stairs are no problem for him and he is very close to climbing on the couch, chair, his "tall" toys and he has unsuccessfully attempted to scale the wall. Ugh.  Rooney stands and cruises around everything, but doesn't quite have the balance to walk just yet.  She has no interest in climbing on anything, I guess its just not lady-like.   
Since shortly after 8 months, Brady became all boy!  He quickly figured out any spot that is not child proof.  He is constant fun, but wow does he wear us out.  We love watching our little boy figure everything out.  He needs to bang everything he picks up, pull it apart and chew it into pieces.  Brady seems to keep us up every night.  All of July, we were up for a couple of hours a night with him screaming - it was awful!  I realized much to late that he is still lactose intolerant and the yogurt we introduced was causing him lots of discomfort.  Now he seems to be way to busy to drink is formula during the day, so he regularly puts back 8-12 ounces during the night.  We have tried to eliminate this, but it results in continual wake ups until he gets enough food.  Oh, and the teething, I blame most wake ups on teething, but who knows what is and isn't teething.  He currently has three teeth.  After the bottom two teeth came over 4th of July weekend, we didn't see any new ones until one popped out August 26th.   We see three more on the top and can feel them, but there is still some tissue covering.  The best thing about his sleeping has been that he finally puts himself to sleep for all three naps and night time.  This has made my life so much easier.   On this 9 month birthday, he said "momma" for the very first time.  And the following day, he said "dadda".   Those are the only two words he says, with the except of his loud grunting sound he makes when someone is not giving him the attention he wants. 
Ms. Rooney is momma's girl.  Lee calls her my shadow.  She is fun, social and will go to anyone and everyone, as long as, I am in the room.  Rooney mastered the "NO" head shake about a month ago and is quick to use it when she doesn't want something.  She also will use it to answer any question you ask.  Everyone things its adorable, she knows this and uses it to her advantage.  She is very verbal and talks all day long.  She tells long, fascinating stories using her hands, facial expressions and sometimes even her legs.  I need to record one and post it because they are hilarious.  She says, momma, dadda, baby, pupu (dog) and bragy(Brady).  Last weekend, we got into an elevator with a dog and she popped her head out of the ergo to reach for the dog and say,"pupu, pupu, pupu".  The owners were impressed.  When we read their favorite book (see the previous post) she shakes her head no right before all the NOs in the book.  Grandma was shocked.   Rooney still requires me to rock/ergo her to sleep and is often difficult to transfer to bed.  She doesn't sleep well in her crib or either of the two travel cribs, but if you put her in a regular bed she falls fast asleep.  Usually, it takes several attempts to get her to sleep in a crib.  At night, she always eventually ends up in our bed.   She doesn't have any teeth and there is still no indication of any coming soon. 
Both babies are still on medication for acid reflux.  I was really hoping at this point we would be medication free, but its clear they both still need it.  Brady continues to spit up all the time, whether he has had formula or solids.  Rooney has stopped spitting up, but she vomits whenever she gets too upset. 
Both babies will eat just about anything.  Rooney prefers to feed herself finger foods.  And will refuse any baby food if we are eating something else.  I have been leaving restaurants hungry lately because they both eat all my food.  Indian food is a huge hit and between the two of them they will eat an entire naan or paratha, as well as any curry we give them.   I am hoping this changes, but the only food Brady has refused is mashed potatoes. 



Jeni said...

Toddlers! That's what they're looking more and more like. Still as cute as can be. Happy 10 months!

The Heffernan's said...

Beautiful babies.

Anu said...

They indeed look like toddlers already! Such beautiful, active, wonderful kids! Happy birthday!

Aleksandra said...

Happy 10 wonderful months! My goodness you are both so cute!

A Passage to Baby said...

I totally <3 them

Kerrie and Mark said...

Love the picture with Grandma!!! So cute!!

Marisa said...

Love it. They are too cute.