Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On the Move

Jack and Brady, May 2012

Last month, my oldest nephew introduced Brady to the world of bikes.   We didn't realize Brady enjoyed sitting on the bike so much, we thought it scared him, and certainly he is too young to be on a toddler bike.  Well, we were mistaken.   He gets excited every time he sees a bike or anything with wheels - and in our town that is all the time - and more than once he has found himself on one.

Grandpa and Brady, Father's Day 2012

He had the motion down and everything!

Now he thinks he is ready for a big bike

And whatever Brady does, there is someone else who wants a ride too....

Big Cousin Ben - "How does the horn work?"

Getting a little help from her brother

Faster, faster, lets race Ben!


Aleksandra said...

These guys are going to ride, and soon!

Avey and Dr Vinay Bhatia said...

Lovely pictures, they have grown so much and are so cute.

Courtney Dearinger said...

I LOVE the pics of Brady pushing Rooney in the little car..so classic that Rooney gets to steer the car and have control of it while Brady does the hard work behind the scenes :) Love the expression on Rooney's face too! Happy 4th of July and happy 8-Month Birthday to the little ones!