Monday, April 9, 2012

5 Month Update

We just got back from a great weekend in Connecticut visiting family and while a little late, I felt the need to put an update up for R&B's 5 month birthday. This month was filled with many changes...some good and some not so good.

Our little ones are officially on the move.  They both are rolling fools, which is exciting for them, but I can no longer put them down and expect them to be in the same place when I turn around.  I know this is only the beginning, but it took a couple of days to get use to the mobility.  Brady has some sort of fascination with whatever hides under the couch because he can frequently be found "stuck" with a limb under it. It's pretty funny to watch them try to scoot - they're only successful with their heads, which are luckily still too heavy, resting on the ground, butt high in the air and pushing with their feet.

Brady, previously known as our super sleeper, has decided that the hours between 2AM and 7AM are prime playing times.  UGH.   He started taking a bottle in the middle of the night again :(  I started him on rice cereal and it seems to shorten the "nightly play time" but we would love to get him back to his all night marathon sleep.  Any suggestions???

This month Rooney's appetite really took off.  She has always eaten small amounts frequently.  At their four month doctor's appointment, I was explaining to the doctor that I can never get her to eat more than 4 oz/120 ml at a serving.  We walked out of the office and she decided she needed to eat before we got home and for the very first time ate 5 oz/150ml.  I swear she understood my conversation with the doctor and off she went. She is now eating as much as Brady, if not more and even threw back 7 oz/210 ml in one serving last week.

Rooney periodically sleeps through the night, which makes us very happy.  Since becoming efficient with her rolling over, she, not surprisingly, has decided that sleeping on her stomach is comfortable.  It scares me and I usually roll her back over a few times a night.  If only she would understand that sleeping on her back is best!

Rooney started singing herself to sleep..ok, really its more of a groan.  It is so stinking cute!!  I laugh every time.  The great thing about it, we now know that when the groaning starts our girl is ready for bed.

The babies are so fun to watch interact with each other.  They talk and laugh at each other and seem to usually enjoy being around each other.  While they obviously aren't using "real" words, their talking seems to be more deliberate and Lee and I enjoy thinking that some of their sounds are actual words...we know, and are excited, that they soon enough will be.

Enjoying each other's company :)

Rooney keeping Brady in his place :)

We love tummy time now

Eating rice for the first time
Rooney's new favorite contraption...the jumperoo. 

R&B's first "babysitter"....our lovely 6 year old, Irish neighbor


Jeni said...

Gosh, it is NOT possible to look at these pictures without a huge grin on my face! They are such cuties! I'm glad you keep us posted! I always look forward to your updates.

The Heffernan's said...

I love seeing the updates of your babies. They are gorgeous. As for the sleeping Eva is not a good sleeper anymore. She wants to feed all night! I am in the middle of getting her to self-soothe in the night as she does it in the day but then she wakes Jaya!!! My girls are not big drinkers but like it often. Hopefully Brady grows out of the play time at night. Maybe a dream feed while he is asleep before you go to bed might work. It seems to on others (not Eva! LOL) Good luck.

Kerrie and Mark said...

OMG, your kiddos are doing things early!! I feel ya on the night time stuff. Cailyn is doing the same..not fun!! I am trying to let her self soothe but am not succeeding on my end! I just love these two, B&R are beyond adorable!! Have you thought about an indoor playpen/play yard? I am seriously considering it, despite the fact I never thought I would. Cailyn's max is 6 oz..not sure why, but I dont stress as she is obviously growing, alert and hitting milestones well in advance. Your two are way advanced!

Avey and Dr Vinay Bhatia said...

What adorable pictures, they are so cute together, watching them grow, change and develop is simply amazing. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures.

SKhan said...

Thanks Jenni for your sweet comments!

SKhan said...

Thank you so much for your email!

SKhan said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! I would love indoor playpen/area, unfortunately we live in a tiny city apartment:(. They have already taken over the entire place...good thing it's spring/summer. We hope to be in much bigger apartment by winter, hopefully we can have a contained play area then!

SKhan said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. I hope Vinay and Mia have a safe trip to see you and the beautiful Hari!

Aleksandra said...

They look so cute and they really are ahead for their age! I could just pinch their cheeks!

Doug and Bill said...

They are just the cutest ever...and so lucky they have eachother to grow up around...!

I also wanted to mention that I accidently deleted your latest comment on my blog (SORRY!). I was trying to approve it on my phone and I pushed the wrong button!

But thanks for following...and writing such supportive comments! :-)