Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sweet, delicious sleep…

…oh, how I missed you!! But I was happy to welcome some sleep back last night, when my wonderful son slept for 10 hours, uninterrupted.  From 9:00 to 7:00, he slept through whatever his sister sent his way (since they’re still sharing a crib, she sometimes screams and kicks in her excitement, frustration, anger, hunger, any number of reasons). But Brady persevered and slept through it all for 10 glorious hours. And to her credit, Rooney didn’t do too badly – only two night feedings, both of which were relatively short and uneventful.

We’ve been hearing from a lot of other parents that 12 weeks is the magical milestone where we should start seeing R&B sleep through the night, and wouldn’t you know it, today is 12 weeks (or last night was depending on if you look at the time difference between Hoboken and Delhi).  But without splitting hairs, Brady likes to be exact (he did,after all, wait until full term for twins - completion of 37 weeks - to convince his sister that they should make their grand entrance into the world).  So, we’re looking forward to a lot more full nights of sleep, though we understand it might be wishful thinking, especially given that Rooney still suffers from acid reflux, but she seems to be doing much better.

The last couple of weeks have been great, with R&B becoming even more interactive and starting to “speak” more. Their voices are developing very well (may a little too well in those moments when they’re not getting their way). Their personalities are becoming more defined. Physically, they continue to grow with Brady tipping the scales at 11.4 lbs (25%) and Rooney coming in at 10.3 lbs (also 25%), both of which are awesome positive trends that their Dr. is pleased with, given where they started. And they continue to get stronger – I swear I had Rooney walking this weekend with just a bit of support for balance. I won’t get into the noises that come out them these days, except to say that I’m often at the same time impressed and disgusted.

Our little thinker, Brady, really enjoys, and gets fully engaged in, being read to, regardless of if it’s Stacey reading them akid’s book, or me reading about the Yankees’ latest trades or the Giants’ Super Bowl match-up against the Pats. Rooney continues to showoff a flair for the dramatic, and making sure that we, and everyone in the building, know when she’s displeased with the speed in which her bottles being prepared, or the position she’s in while being fed or put down for a nap. They both love their activity mat and are more and more enjoying the swing cousin Ben was nice enough to lend them.
But, enough of the ramblings of a proud dad, here are some recent pics of our beauties.

Playing on the activity mat

Holding hands
Rooney telling secrets
Tummy time
More visitors - this time giving the soon-to-be-parents some practice


Kerrie and Mark said...

Great update!! These two are just so adorable!! It is so nice to see these two together! YAY!!

The Heffernan's said...

Beautiful photos

Avey and Dr Vinay Bhatia said...

Can't believe how much they have both grown. So very cute.

Anonymous said...

They are adorable!! I'll send positive sleep thoughts your way.

-Kendra and Rob