Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Having babies in a developing country...

...sometimes means you have to expect some things to not go as smoothly and as quickly as they would at home. We completely understand that and are pretty well-prepared to deal with it. Then tonight happens. The last thing I expected on the night I bring my newborns home is that there won't be any water. Not just only a slow stream or just a drip or two, but full-blown no water. It's kind of an essential element of life so naturally we tracked down our housekeeper, who then brought in his boss's assistant, who then called in a plumber and an electrician. The age old question has been answered...turns out, it takes 5 Indian guys (add me to the other 4) to figure out that the motor on the water tank on the roof was broken which is why we didn't have water...at the perfect time, of course. Who knew you needed a motor for a water tank anyway? But, we're assured it's fixed, but we still won't have water until about 7:00 AM. We were given two full watercooler jugs to get us thru the night and make sure the babies are fed). Over the course of the three hours it took to sort this all out, we also managed to sort out some details on follow-up pediatric appointments, found out the birth certificate won't be ready until tomorrow night, arranged car service to get to a diffeerent pedeatric appointment to check for jaundice (we had to agree to bring Brady and Rooney to the Dr's office for the next three or four days in exchange for bringing them home today) and welcomed a night nurse to help us make sure we don't break our babies in the first night or two.

But, none of that matters today because we got to bring home our babies this morning and have been enjoying them all day. I even managed to change my first poopie diaper, EVER. Brady and Rooney are as adorable as can be, even though Rooney is unfortunate enough to be a spitting image of me. She's definitely going to be my favorite daughter. Brady is the strong, silent type, who just chills while his little sister brings on the drama, earning him the "favorite son" tag. I'm not even making those titles contingent on what happens in their first night at home.

But enough of my rambling, here's what everyone cares about anyway, a cute pic of our two little angels.

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Karen Sjoberg said...

It was so awesome seeing your little Irish Indians via Skype last night. They are beautiful. Stacy, even though you were very worn out from sleep deprivation, you looked very beautiful - that motherly glow. Hopefully, you're getting naps when the babies are. Love, Karen and Jeff