Friday, June 3, 2011

Hello from the soon-to-be-daddy

Embarrassed by a friend today who thought I really do refer to Facebook as The Facebook, I decided it's now time for me to show that I'm part of the 21st century and the best way to do so is to post to my lovely wife's blog.

For the benefit of friends and family with whom we haven't yet been able to share our happy news, the quick synopsis of this is basically, starting backwards, we're roughly 16 weeks pregnant with two little Khans. We won't find out sex until they make their grand entrances in late October, but they're being baked by a surrogate in Delhi, which is a large part of why we honeymooned in India. It's been a long process of research and getting comfortable wih a pretty non-traditional route (including what will be two trips halfway around the world) to parenthood, but we couldn't be happier, especially since we've been blessed with a double, as I've been saying.

So excited and nervous as hell at the same time, I can't help but think how hectic life will be and going from doing what we want, when we want, to right away having two little ones telling us what, where, when, and just because. But then again, it's not like we do most things in a traditional order or when people expect anyway, so why not jump right in with both feet? If I weren't nervous enough, how about the lineup of birthday gifts I'll have to figure out and be on the hook for all in the span of less than a month - the three most important women in my life (wife, mom, baby sister) and TO & TT (twin one and twin two), yikes.

On that note, time to go enjoy one of the last inpromptu dinners out for a while.

Oh, family and friends, please don't make reference to the new additions on Facebook - we want to keep them under wraps through next weekend so we don't steal any thunder from Stacey's brother's wedding. Thanks.

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